The Farms

Farm  [fahrm]  –noun

A tract of land, usually with a house, barn, silo, etc., on which crops and often livestock are raised for livelihood.

We live on some of the richest agricultural land in the world here in Central Illinois.  Maybe you live on one of those farms.  It’s likely, however, that you don’t.  But just because your food isn’t growing in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy food grown locally.

At Farm to Table, we’re here to highlight the local growers.  We want you to know how they manage their farms, what specialty crops they produce, and how to get those crops from their farm to your table.

Local Farms

  • Blue Moon Farm
  • Brackett CSA
  • Cary’s Garden of Eatin’
  • Claybank Farms
  • Curtis Apple Orchard
  • Illinois Willows
  • Jerry & Dawn’s Produce
  • Kleiss Produce Farm
  • Live Springs Berries
  • Meyer Produce
  • Moore Family Farm
  • Pontious Farm, Inc
  • Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery
  • Ropp’s Flower Factory
  • The Great Pumpkin Patch
  • Tiny Greens Organic Farm
  • Tomahnous Farm
  • Triple S Farms
  • Wingfield Farm
  • Danville Gardens
  • RK Beef
  • South Prairie Street Farm
  • Gray Farms Produce
  • Seldom Seen Farm

Why do we think you should know your farmer? Check it out here:


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