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12 May

If you like bread, you will love Pekara Bakery and Bistro.  This traditional European bakery features 10 different types of bread, made from scratch with no artificial additives.  Pekara also features pastries, special order cakes, hot and cold sandwiches, crepes, soups, salad and pizza.  To top it off, Pekara is the go-to supplier for bread for many other restaurants in Champaign-Urbana. 

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Pekara’s Breads¹

  • Baguettes – the classic crusty French Bread. It is an aromatic bread that goes quite well with cheeses and wines.
  • Ciabatta – a light and airy italian bread with a crusty outer crust that is excellent for our gourmet sandwiches.
  • Pain de Campagne – A hearty mix of whole wheat, rye and nine grains. This rustic bread is a testament to a time when stone ground wheat preserved all of the healthy benefits of the countryside.
  • Honey Wheat – a slightly sweet, hearty wheat bread that is just slightly sweet. We use this bread on several of our sandwiches.
  • Multi-Grain – Hearty wheat bread with mixed grain. Excellence sandwich bread. Vegan.
  • Rye – a traditional rye flour bread garnished with caraway seeds.
  • The C-U Sourdough – this is sourdough the way it was meant to be. Local wild teasts, extremely long fermentation, and a wet dough that yields a crust and crumb unlike any other bread in town.
  • Sourdough Wheat – the mildly sour with soothing wheat overtones makes a fine European grilled cheese sandwich. Our sourdought comes with four different varieties. White, Whole wheat, Rye and Roasted walnut with blue cheese.
  • Semolina – very chewy texture, crisp crust and a complex flavor produced by a slow fermentation makes this bread perfect for sandwiches, your favorite soft cheese, or dipping in oils.
  • Focaccia – chewy, soft and dotted with air pockets. Made with fresh herbs and bursting with olive oil flavor. Great as sandwich bread or on its own.

 Location and Hours

116 N. Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820

 Monday – Wednesday  7 am – 8 pm 

Thursday – Friday  7 am – 9 pm 

Saturday  8 am – 9 pm

Sunday  8 am – 5 pm 

Special Holiday Hours will be posted.

Get to know the Baker

Independent owner Ruzica Cuk and her family came to Illinois in 1993 from Serbia and two years later opened Pekara.  Ruzica’s, or Seka as she is known to friends, goal was to offer traditional European breads made from scratch with no preservatives or artificial additives.  Their philosophy is as pure as their breads:

“We believe every aspect of life can and should be enjoyed. Good bread only requires four basic ingredients but it takes skill and time to bring about the best flavors and textures.”²

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